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BR Group a.s.

BR Group is a holding company with Czech capital focused on the development of the Czech industry and its expansion into the world markets. The activities of the group are aimed at the industrial textile, plastic industry and mechanical engineering.

The products of our manufacturing companies are essential for car manufacturing industry and can be found at sports venues, in tank ships, in construction and agricultural machinery and in world-class household appliances.

The manufacturing facilities are located not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.

In 2022 the total turnover of all the BR Group’s companies was 216 mil. EUR.


employees in 2022 employees in 2022


mil. EUR turnover mil. EUR turnover


companies in the group companies in the group


countries for export countries for export
About us

History of BR Group

2023Establishment of BR Automotive, BR Mechanical Engineering and BR Industrial Textile divisions

2023Acquisition of Strojírny Prostějov and the Linaset plastics moulding plant with operations in Budišov n. B. and Bruntál

2022Acquisition of the Forez plastics and metals moulding plant in Lanškrounsko

2021Acquisition of the plastics company Montix from Mohelnice

2020Acquisition of the plastics company IPG Plasty and the engineering company E-Technik from Milotice nad Bečvou

2019Acquisition of Polish industrial textile manufacturer Stradom, spin-off of business interest into Lanex Polska

2018Acquisition of the Komas metal pressing plant in Opava-Komárov

2017Acquisition of Spojmont Ostrava

2016Establishment of the BR Group holding

2015Acquisition of Singing Rock from Poniklé and Conrop from Bolatic

2014Acquisition of the strong Czech brand Lanex from Bolatice

2012Takeover of the Lucco engineering plant in Velké Albrechtice

2002Purchase of the plastics company PF Plasty from Chuchelná

About us

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